Mikey Adams

Assistant Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Growing up in a small town, I have always had sports in my life to fuel my competitive spirits. Growing up and all the way through high school there was never a “season” that I wasn’t playing some sport.  Although I was active in competitive sports, I was never the guy to go to the gym just for fun.  I only worked out in school because it was required and I probably cheated more reps than I actually did. Early in 2012 my wife and I began dating and she wanted to go try this new thing she saw on TV called “CrossFit.” We went to our first CrossFit class and I enjoyed it, but I hated what was to follow. I was more sore than I have ever been and it felt like I was never going to get out of bed.  To top it off I got a sick the very next day. After a month of not going back and listening to my wife just talk about how much fun she was having I finally tried it again. This time I went ahead and paid for a membership so I would force myself to go. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had been working out for almost a year when Jason walked into our gym for a Saturday partner wod. Not knowing that he had been doing CrossFit on his own for quite some time, I picked him as my partner. I thought I was going to have to carry the load for the team, but boy was I wrong. Ever since that day he has pushed me to better myself as an athlete and a coach.

Connor McDonald

Assistant Trainer

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

2017 CrossFit Games Regional Athlete

I grew up here in Beaumont and played multiple sports throughout high school, even played a year a college baseball.  After that, I joined the Coast Guard and spent two years stationed in Sitka, Alaska.  This is where I was first introduced to CrossFit.  The small town of Sitka did not have a CrossFit gym so I started in our gym on base which did not consist of much more than a pull up bar and squat rack.  The next stop for me was Michigan where I spent just under a year.  I walked into my first box there in 2013 and was hooked.  I fell in love with CrossFit and the CrossFit community, and knew I wanted to be a coach as soon as possible.  I now have finished my tour in the military and have enrolled in college where I am seeking a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Foods.  I have a passion for nutrition and fitness and love to help people out with their goals in both. 


Jason Wilkins

Owner/Head Trainer

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Athletics and competition have always been part of my life. I was fortunate enough to succeed in high school athletics and get the chance to play D-1 basketball at Nicholls State University. Once my basketball career came to an end, my desire to remain active and “fit” continued. I spent the next couple of years pursuing my fitness goals in the fitness center type setting until my sister told me about this “workout program” she had heard about through one of her friends. I couldn’t even tell you what the workout was but all I remember is that is was terrible!! I spent the next several years doing CrossFit on my own and finally walked into my first box in March of 2013. The results I have seen from that point have been huge. I can do more things than I ever thought my body would allow me to do. The community aspect of CrossFit is what I think separates it from any other fitness programs out there. The community gives you the ability to push through things and work harder than you ever would be able to by yourself. I love pushing myself, I love competition, I love doing challenging things, and I love helping people realize the same things I have realized through CrossFit!