Monthly Rates
Unlimited WODs: $125 monthly auto pay contract

  • 3 month commitment then you can cancel at anytime
  • Come to as many classes as you would like during the week
  • Beyond the Whiteboard is included with all class programming to track your workouts and measure your progress
  • Full class schedule Monday - Friday, Saturday class at 10:00am, and Sunday class at 2:00pm
  • Kids room with viewing window available where kids can play while you workout​​

Limited Membership Options

  • ​Punchcard (10 class value pack):  $115 (2 month expiration)
  • ​Drop in:  $20

Discounts (Apply to contract options only)

  • 1st family member receives 8% discount on plan of their choice
  • Each additional family member receives a 50% discount on the plan of their choice
  • ​Military, Emergency Service Personnel, Teacher, Student:  8% discount on the plan of their choice.

Drop - In

Visiting from out of town or from another box?  Register on the home page, download the Mindbody app and select the class you would like to attend.

Interested in our monthly costs?
If you are not familiar with CrossFit, you may think that our prices are higher than typical gym memberships.  So what do you pay for with a typical gym membership?  You pay a flat rate to use the equipment and their goal is to lock you in to a small payment for many months.  At NorBeau CrossFit, we program your workouts, instruct movements, modify the workout as needed, offer nutritional suggestions, and are committed to each client every time you walk in the door. Our group sessions are the equivalent of semi-personal training. Remember, we are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals, not just try and collect a monthly payment…if you commit, you will achieve fitness beyond expectation. What are your expectations? 


​Effective August 1, 2019

Monday - Friday

  • 5:00 am
  • 6:00 am
  • 8:30 am 
  • 12:00 pm 
  • 4:30 pm
  • 5:30 pm
  • 6:30 pm (except Friday)


  • 8:00 am - competitors / experienced members (talk to coach about joining)
  • 10:00 am (free class)


  • 2:00 pm - members class

*​We have a room available for kids to hang out in while you workout

*We also offer Open Gym with some of our membership packages, ask a coach if this may be a good option for you!