Looking for the programming we use here at NorBeau?

All of our programming is uploaded to Beyond the Whiteboard daily.  Beyond the Whiteboard is the official workout tracker for CrossFit.  You will be able to look at the workout, log your results, and compare those results with athletes from NorBeau and across the world.   Each night you can look at the workout or workouts for the next day and develop your plan.

What is all included with the programming?

Everyday you will have a warm up specifically designed to prepare you for the days workout.  We will include demo videos as well as accessory work when needed.  You will have instructions for modifications of movements and insight into the intended stimulus for that workout. 


What does the programming at NorBeau look like?

Our program is an all inclusive GPP (general physical preparedness) based program designed to improve all areas of fitness.  Each day we have our main GPP WOD (workout of the day) as well as extra work available.  We program extra work, not as a requirement but as an added benefit if you have desires to improve areas of weakness.  We add in extra strength, gymnastics skills, and conditioning workouts several times a week to allow you the opportunity to improve on all areas of your fitness.